Collection Comparison Chart


Classic Collection: Designed for riders who fit comfortably within our XXS to XXL size range. This collection offers the foundational quality and style Stockås is known for, using our standard sizing to accommodate a wide array of riders.

Elite Collection: Designed for those who seek attire that's made to fit their unique measurements (Made-to-Measure). The Elite Collection elevates the riding experience by ensuring each piece is precisely adjusted to the individual rider, beyond the conventional sizing.

Choosing Between Classic and Elite

  • Classic Collection: Select products within this category if you're satisfied with the fit provided by standard sizes and seek high-quality, dependable riding gear that meets your day-to-day needs.
  • Elite Collection: Opt for Elite if you're looking for riding apparel that's tailored to your unique body dimensions, offering a made-to-measure fit that's as individual as you are.

Feature Comparison

Features Classic Collection Elite Collection
XXS-XXL Sizes Available ✔️ ❌*
Made-to-Measure ✔️
Made in Finland ✔️ ✔️
Flex Fabric Option ✔️ ✔️
Compression Fabric Option ✔️ ✔️

 *If your unique measurements happen to fall within our standard sizes, the need for adjustments may be unnecessary. Consider this a gentle reminder that it is indeed possible for some peoples measurements to fit perfectly into one of our standard sized products within the Classic Collection. Please take a moment to peruse our size chart before finalizing your decision.

Material Philosophy and Commitment

At Stockås, we prioritize the use of high-quality, earth-friendlier materials in all our products. While navigating the complexities of sustainability in sportswear, we're dedicated to continuous improvement and exploring innovative solutions that align with our vision for a more sustainable future.

Summary: Your Ideal Fit Awaits

Whether you align with the straightforward sizing of our Classic Collection or the personalized precision of our Elite Collection, Stockås is committed to providing superior quality and comfort. By choosing made-to-measure, you're not just getting apparel that fits; you're getting apparel that feels uniquely yours. Welcome to a refined riding experience with Stockås, where every detail is tailored to your journey.