We are ready to launch

We are ready to launch

Three years of development work have reached the point where we are ready to launch our first riding breeches The idea behind founding Stockås Oy was born out of a desire to offer the world's best-fitting riding breeches and to change fashion consumption habits. We want to be pioneers in the fashion revolution and challenge the ways clothing is manufactured and consumed.

Finland is known for many world-renowned fashion houses, especially in the realm of sustainable and ethically made textiles. However, over the decades, changes in trade have pushed production by many large companies to Far East and South Asian countries. Today, clothes are produced in vast quantities, and products are transported between manufacturing and selling countries and again back to users all over the world. This is not a sustainable way to operate, and we want to be a part of this change.

All our products are made in Finland. The fabrics and other materials we use also come from Finland to the extent possible at the moment. We continuously strive to develop and explore new manufacturing methods and materials that would ensure a more responsible way of making clothing and accessories. Ethical and responsible considerations are taken into account in all production processes. 

The fabrics used in our first products, are made from biodegradable polyamide. This Amni Soul Eco® fabric is the world's first biodegradable polyamide. The polyamide we use is a 6.6 thread with improved biodegradability compared to previous versions. Biodegradability is achieved by adding additives to the composition, making it easier for bacteria to enter the fiber's microscopic structure for decomposition. However, the thread remains as durable and high-quality in use as polyamide 6.6. Amni Soul Eco® also enables a lower weight, making it feather-light. The thread has good moisture-wicking ability and helps keep the skin fresher and drier. It is OEKO-TEX® certified. This thread decomposes in about 5 years, while traditional synthetic threads take 50 years.

One model cannot fit and suit everyone well, which is why our pants are meticulously and skillfully made-to-measure. Thanks to our manufacturinf practicies, our pants fit perfectly because they are made just for you. Our products are made to order, as we want to create new clothing only as needed to reduce the burden on our planet. The manufacturing of our products takes from four to six weeks.

Henna Stockås

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