Breeches Comparison Chart


Stockås is dedicated to providing high-quality riding apparel tailored to the needs of serious equestrians. Our collections feature two distinct material options: Flex and Compression. Each is designed with specific performance characteristics to suit a range of rider preferences and requirements.

Flex vs. Compression: Key Differences

Material Flex Compression
Main Feature Enhanced flexibility for freedom of movement Supportive fit with compression benefits
Fabric Composition 95% Amni Soul Eco®, 5% PA/Lycra  83% Amni Soul Eco®, 17% PA/Lycra
Fabric Weight 475g/m2 300g/m2
Ideal For Riders seeking comfort and flexibility Riders looking for muscle support and shape retention
Available in Collections ✔️ Both Classic and Elite ✔️ Both Classic and Elite
Fabric Origin Orivesi, Finland Orivesi, Finland
Threads Origin Italy Italy
Grip Origin France France
Product Origin Kuopio, Finland Kuopio, Finland

At Stockås, we are committed to innovation and sustainability, actively researching and investing in materials that reduce our environmental footprint. Both Flex and Compression materials align with our goal to offer high-performance, earth-friendlier options to our riders. Amni Soul Eco® is eliminated from the planet in approximately 5 years, while other fibers take decades to decompose. For more information about Amni Soul Eco® visit

Choosing the Right Material for Your Riding Needs

Whether you prefer the unrestricted movement offered by our Flex fabric or the supportive fit provided by our Compression material, Stockås ensures your riding apparel meets the highest standards of quality and performance.