Made in Finland: Tradition, Quality, and Responsible Manufacturing for Serious Equestrians

Made in Finland: Tradition, Quality, and Responsible Manufacturing for Serious Equestrians

Are you a serious equestrian in search of high-quality, technically advanced, and sustainable products? Look no further than Finland. With a storied history in clothing manufacturing and a commitment to responsible practices, Finland stands out as the ideal destination for manufacturing equestrian gear. Let's delve into the reasons why we champion Finnish manufacturing and the importance of tradition, quality, and responsible practices.

The hidden costs of fast fashion and overseas manufacturing
The 20th-century witnessed a trend in fast fashion, causing many manufacturers to shift their production to Asia in search of lower costs. However, this "cheap" appeal comes at a hidden cost, both environmentally and in terms of worker wages. The growing concerns over unsustainable practices and unfair labor conditions have prompted a different approach in manufacturing.

Tradition and quality matter
Finland has a long-standing reputation for excellence in clothing manufacturing. Brands like Marimekko, Reima, and Turo have been leading the way and setting high standards for quality and craftsmanship. In the end of the 19th century, Finland boasted over 500 manufacturers, with our very own hometown of Kuopio home to over 50. This rich heritage proves that tradition and quality are deeply ingrained in Finnish manufacturing.

Responsible manufacturing practices in Finland
At our company, we are proud to follow in the footsteps of Kuopio's esteemed manufacturers like Turo, Essilä, and Piretta. By manufacturing our products in Finland, we champion responsible practices and uphold the highest standards in the industry.

1. Smaller carbon footprint: Manufacturing both materials and our products locally means a smaller carbon footprint. By reducing the distance our products travel, and by using biodegradable materials we contribute to a more sustainable future.

2. Fair labor conditions: Made in Finland is not just a label; it is a guarantee of fair labor conditions. Finland's high living standards and fair working conditions laws ensure that workers are treated with respect and dignity.

3. Transparency in pricing: We believe that every product has a story. By manufacturing in Finland, we eliminate the unfair gap between the cost of overseas labor and the selling price of products. We believe in telling the stories behind our products and giving credit to the skilled artisans who create them.

For serious equestrians, choosing products made in Finland is a conscious decision that aligns with their values. By supporting European manufacturing, you can be assured of high quality, responsible practices, and a smaller environmental impact. Our company is dedicated to improving your ride through rider-tailored fit products, made of responsibly sourced materials. Join us in embracing the tradition, quality, and responsible manufacturing practices that have made Finland synonymous with quality in the textile industry.

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